Top 7 Tips for Quick Recovery After Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK indeed provides the sharpest vision possible after the procedure. More interestingly, you can experience a perfect vision better than what it used to be even before you noticed the infection that pushed you to LASIK.

Another fantastic news you would have heard about LASIK is that it heals very fast. Within the first 25 hours, you will have a kind of vision sharper than that of the eagle. Well, all the above claims are correct. Indeed, quick recovery is an attractive benefit that makes people want to go for the procedure. learn more about LASIK surgery Sydney at

However, you must have heard about some people whose vision remains not perfectly corrected until about six months or more after they have undergone LASIK. Yes, it happens. It is bound to happen like that unless you deliberately adhere to the aftercare procedure as instructed by your surgeon.

It is rather pathetic that some LASIK patients might even experience poor sight after LASIK. That is not because LASIK surgery is not efficient enough; it is just that poor sight after a LASIK procedure is inevitable if there is no proper aftercare treatment.

Not many people know that recovery after the LASIK procedure is not automatic. After your surgeon has done his best, you are also responsible for deliberately giving your eye some treatment after the LASIK procedure to aid quick recovery. Bear in mind that how much aftercare you give your eyes will determine how soon you recover.


When leaving the LASIK surgery centre, your ophthalmologist would have told you about a few things you need to start or stop doing to aid in quick recovery. If you don’t take those things seriously, it is either your vision takes longer than necessary to heal, or your vision becomes more damaged.

LASIK is too expensive to do without the best results. Hence, you have to be deliberate about aiding quick results. To help you hasten your recovery, here are the best tips from seasoned LASIK surgeons.

Best seven tips to help you recover after the LASIK procedure

1. Get a driver

It is not a brilliant idea to drive yourself home after your LASIK procedure. The reason is that LASIK requires that you relax your eyes after the procedure to aid smooth and quick recovery. Hence, you don’t have to drive yourself home after the procedure.

It is often expected to have a temporary blurred vision within the first hours after the LASIK procedure. Due to that and the light sensitivity, you need to arrange a person to drive you home after the surgery.

Getting home, you will also need that your friend to help you get to bed to relax your eyes for a few hours.

2. Wear a simple outfit

Though LASIK does not require much protocol and doesn’t last for long hours, it is a surgery, and you need to treat it as such. When going for LASIK eye surgery, make sure you wear light clothes that make you feel very comfortable.

LASIK requires you to be comfortable. Remember that you will be lying down for some hours, focusing on a target light for some minutes. So, you need to make sure you dress very lightly to the surgery centre.

Avoid wearing thick clothes, eyeglasses, face caps and many other fashion accessories like wristwatch, neck and hand jewellery and more.

3. Eat a substantial meal after surgery

It is good to have a good meal before going to the LASIK surgery centre. The reason is that you would have to stay some hours on the surgical bed undergoing treatment. You need to also conder that your surgeon will administer numbing eye drops and some medications to calm your nerves. All that will make you get hungry after the surgery.

If you want your vision to heal quickly, it is good to eat filling food after the surgery and before you sleep when you get home. Let me be the one to tell you that you may likely sleep till the next day when you return from a LASIK procedure. that would be as a result of the medications the surgeon gave you during the procedure and the overall stress. The food you eat after surgery will sustain your stomach whenever you wake up.

4. Store your aftercare medications in a cool place

To recover quickly from the LASIK procedure, you need on-time and consistent aftercare treatment after the procedure. Your surgeon would recommend prescribed eye drops for you to keep administering to your eyes for quick healing.

However, those medications might not work if you don’t store them in a cool, dry place. As generally recommended, make sure you keep your eye drops in a refrigerator to keep them potent.

5. Avoid rays of lights

After the LASIK procedure, you will have to do away with all those entertainments that require looking at gadgets’ screens. The rays of light coming from the screen of television, mobile phones, computers, and other devices can pose further damage to your vision even after the LASIK procedure. You can read about What You Must Expect During LASIK Eye Surgery by clicking here.

You may have to improvise and find something else to entertain you without looking at screens to aid quick recovery.

You will also need to keep staying indoor pending the time your eyes fully recover. The ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight are not suitable for your eyes before and after a LASIK surgery. Hence, it is essential to avoid outdoor activities to keep your eyes safe from sunlight.

6. Be consistent with your medications

Make sure you adhere to all the instructions that your ophthalmologist gave you regarding your aftercare medications. Your faithful to the treatment will determine how soon your eyes will get better.

7. Rest is important

The first thing to do when you get home is rest. Of course, you may have to eat before resting if you are feeling famished. Relaxing your eyes after LASIK surgery is vital as it would aid the inner processing of the medications applied during the procedure. You might need to move away from dist6ractions and find a place where you can rest for hours without being disturbed.


How fast your eyes will heal after LASIK largely depends on you. Your surgeon would have done his part in the surgery room. It is your responsibility to be deliberate about making the whole recovery process quicker. How do you do that? Adhere strictly to the above tips.